Introducing Sensible Government

Dear Friends,

I have established an independent expenditure committee to oppose the take over of the New York City Council by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) led by AOC and her minions.

The Committee for Sensible Government has raised significant funds to undertake this campaign. Ambassador Ron Lauder is a major supporter in this effort. 

As you hear in the Audio, Israel’s Iron Dome is under attack and funding was erased yesterday in the House of $1 Billion dollars towards replacing the equipment to defend Israel.

I am hopeful that today in Congress, the funds will be returned by a separate bill in the House.

To have defensive funding for Israel to be erased is incredible. The “Squad” and minions of AOC to put pressure on Congressional leadership shows how far they have come to influence the foreign policy of our Nation.

I will do what i can to defeat the followers of AOC as well as diminish their power in the City Council next year.
Tiffany Cabán and Felicia Singh must be defeated on November 2nd they do not represent us, they represent a narrow socialist agenda.

It is imperative that we keep our focus on values that mean so much to us and to the security of Israel and to the future of New York City.

I welcome your feedback as well as any support you may want to give towards this campaign.

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Michael Nussbaum

Sept. 22nd: Iron Dome vs. AOC